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Brat 2

Description Arriving in Moscow, Danila discovers Konstantin dead and he sets out to avenge his death; a journey that leads him to Chicago and a whole new experience.
Released May 6, 2000
Rating R
Director Aleksey Balabanov
Duration 120
Total Gross $70,000,000.00
Average Ratings 4.7 stars

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    Mark Sullen
    about 1 year ago.

    This is an excellent film and one that will stand the test of time. Brilliant acting, story and filming and one of my top 10 foreign language films without a doubt. A road movie from East to West with an unlikely hero you can root for, on a mission against the odds in a situation thats not been done before, with great action scenes, fantastic soundtrack and top acting. Best Russian language film of 2000's and one that anyone interested in Russian or European cinema must see.

    Vlad Pobens
    about 1 year ago.

    Dear Viewers, such a movie asks for a pretty complex comment, and I apologize for the length in advance to all the readers for that reason. First of all, if made in Hollywood, this movie would become the absolute Oscar winner and total mocking at Russians.

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